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Who is the typical user of SONAR?

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An important task of the SONAR project is to conceive a user-friendly interface. We decided to structure this process according to the five elements of J.J. Garrett1. Firstly, define the strategy of your product, and then its scope, its structure, its skeleton and finally its surface.

First tests to recover full-text files of Swiss publications


On the 3rd of April took place a common working meeting of the 4 SONAR partners (HES-SO/HEG Genève, HTW Chur, USI and RERO) in Bern.

HEG Genève is conducting a feasibility study of ways of recovering full-text files of Swiss publications, having achieved some important conclusions.

The SONAR project has started


SONAR has just been launched and will be running until October 2020. Some work has already begun, but the four partners (RERO, HES-SO, FH Graubünden [formerly HTW Chur], USI) will be meeting in December for the official project kick-off. The purpose of this website is to present the project and give updates on its progress. To keep focus on the important work to come and not get distracted by management tasks, English was chosen as common communication language during the project phase.