The Service


During its project phase, SONAR will be deploying different kinds of services, namely:

  1. Institutional Repository as a Service (IRaaS)
  2. Content tracking: recovering Swiss publications from external sources and feeding them back to existing Swiss IRs
  3. Open Access monitoring

The former is a kind of service that has been provided by RERO for several years with the Digital Library RERO DOC. As for the 2nd and 3rd types, they have a more prospective character, and their precise form will be defined throughout the course of the project.

Institutional Repository as a Service (IRaaS)

Besides collecting publications and metadata from external sources, SONAR also serves as a deposit for directly hosting publications from interested academic institutions. This kind of service will be provided in two distinct forms:

Swiss Higher Education Institutions interested in an institutional repository solution in the framework of SONAR have two possibilities:

  1. Wait for the first IRaaS deployment scheduled for mid-2019 (the multi-institutional form).
  2. In case of urgency, it is possible to temporarily subscribe to the RERO DOC service provided by RERO. The migration to SONAR will then be taken care of by the SONAR team.

Service Summary

IRaaS – Institutional Repository as a Service

Provided in two distinct forms:
  • As a shared, multi-institutional portal [mid-2019]
  • As dedicated, individually customized portals [2020]

Content tracking

  • Recovering Swiss publications from external sources and feeding them back to existing Swiss IRs [2020]


  • Measuring scientific publication activity in Switzerland, namely of Open Access adoption, in the framework of the Swiss national Open Access strategy and its action plan [2020]



  • Project Phase: During this period, SONAR takes the form of a project. In the meantime, it will progressively give rise to full-fledged durable services.


  • The first version of SONAR, namely its IRaaS component, will be operational in the course of 2019, taking over and improving the current service already provided by the Digital Library RERO DOC.


  • Prospective services (content tracking, monitoring) will be progressively deployed.

Service Overview – Components, Entities and Flows