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User roles

Created: 09-09-2020 - Last updated: 09-09-2020

Four user roles exist in SONAR.


Users can log in and are recognised by the system. For now, there are no specific features associated with this role, but in the future SONAR will allow basic users to:

  • save and reuse search queries
  • create document lists


Submitters are usually researchers or students.


  • Can submit publications. Their submissions must be validated by a moderator in order to become publicly visible in SONAR.
  • Can see their deposit history, including the state of pending submissions.


Moderators are usually librarians. They have the same permissions as submitters plus additional ones.

Additional permissions

  • Can validate deposits for users in their organisation.
  • Can edit already deposited documents. Indeed, once a deposit is validated and the document becomes publicly visible, the deposit is closed and archived. Only moderators can modify the metadata or the files attached to deposited documents.


Usually (but not necessarily), there is a single administrator per organisation. They have the same permissions as moderators plus additional ones.

Additional permissions

  • Can delete already published documents.
  • Can list, create, edit and delete users (moderators and submitters).
  • Can manage the organisation's settings.