Bachelor thesis

Rethinking sustainability : an evaluation of regeneration potential in the Swiss hotel industry


  • Sierre : Haute Ecole de Gestion Valais, 2023

Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) en Tourisme: Haute Ecole de Gestion Valais, 2023

English The Brundtland Report's release in 1987 marked a turning point for sustainability as a concept that has since become increasingly relevant to all industries, including tourism. Despite efforts to reduce its impact, limiting the damage is no longer sufficient, and alternative approaches such as regeneration are gaining traction. This study explores the potential for regeneration in the Swiss hotel industry, through interviews with Swiss hoteliers, ending with ideas of recommendations for a more regenerative future.
  • English
  • Haute Ecole de Gestion Valais
  • Tourisme - Tourismus
  • hesso:hegvs
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