Last updated: 25-06-2024
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This basic guide covers the features of the SONAR public interface. Profesionnals and power-users will find more info in the section for profesionnals and power-users.

A single search field combines all search terms and provides a list of results sorted by relevance. These can then be filtered using facets.

Search tips

Symbol Description Example Effect
* Truncation uni* will search for resources containing "university", "universal", "unilateral" etc.
+ Boolean operator AND mountain + biology will search for resources containing "mountain" and also "biology"
| Boolean operator OR study | analysis will search for resources containing either "study", or "analysis"
- Boolean operator NOT confederation -swiss will search for resources containing "confederation" but not "swiss"
() Brackets, to combine operators physics + (study | analysis) will search for resources containing "physics" and either "study", or "analysis"
"" Exact expression "human resources" will search for resources containing the exact expression "human resources"

The facets allow you to filter the results according to different criteria such as: document type, affiliation, author, subject, etc. With one click, facets can filter thousands of irrelevant results.

Facets can be combined: selecting several will refine your query and filter the list of results.

The “Search in full-text” button allows you to search not only in the metadata of documents, but also in their textual content, when they are available in electronic format.

Detailed view of a document

To view detailed information about a document, click on its title in the search results. From there you can see all the information about a document:

  • The document metadata: title, type, authors, abstract, identifiers, etc.
  • The files attached to this document that you can view () or download ()